Sleeping Dogs Review

sleeping dogs final

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Release Date: August 14, 2012

Right off the bat, let me address the elephant in the room: no actual dogs are in Sleeping Dogs, let alone ones that aren’t awake. Strike one. You don’t even play as a dog. Strike two. Just like hockey, developer (and obvious liars) United Front Games were on the brink of striking out and that doesn’t even include Sleeping Dogs‘ hellish development cycle. It didn’t even look like Sleeping Dogs would ever see the light of day and if it did, we all had two possible taglines at the ready: “Dog Crap” or “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.” Brilliant stuff. But now I am at a loss for taglines because Sleeping Dogs overcame its many obstacles and achieved something far greater than most cynical crystal balls could predict.
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