Some History and The Future of Console HQ

When you grow up, you have many influences. Someone, or something will find a way to convince you of an idea. Usually, the idea is short lived. It occupies your mind for a while, but then you move on to the next one. That is what a gaming website has been for me for quite a few years. When I was around twelve years old, I knew gaming was something I cared about. I’m not talking about just playing, but learning about them. Shows which covered the industry took up my time, the web had become my source for news, and my love  for it all was growing. There was nothing before I was so passionate about. Continue reading

Max Payne 3 Crews

Come join me on Max Payne 3 tomorrow and for THE REST OF TIME, in playing this game’s multiplayer.

I created a crew just for us, and that is the Console HQrew (Yeah, seriously)

So what do you think? How about when we start live streaming, we do some of this Payne?

YouTube: Problems

UPDATE: The problem has been fixed and almost all of the videos have been uploaded.
One of the greatest features of the site is video content. We are always happy to provide commentary over our gameplay for your enjoyment, but recently we have run into some problems.

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