If I Was in Charge of… Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed 4

Sit down, take some deep breaths, and calm yourself; I’m mere seconds away from probably causing an implosion within your brain. Another Assassin’s Creed is set to release, starring the swashbuckling privateer assassin shown above. Shocking, right? A precedent hasn’t been set for such behavior. I mean, I’ve almost forgotten about this cash cow franchise Ubisoft continues to push out over and over again. Although slowly descending into sarcasm, my point stands. Assassin’s Creed continues to be a powerhouse of a franchise, outselling nearly every other game, so what is the problem? What is Ubisoft doing incorrectly with one of the most signature set of games in the generation? What would I, a mere gamer, do with such a coveted golden goose? Funny you should ask.
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2013’s Most Anticipated Games

Most anticipated
I debated actually writing about this list of my most anticipated games for 2013. Not only because it’s an easy thing to do, but mostly because last year’s list is almost every candidate on this year’s list. Blame the damn delays. Still, I can write about what I want and there are so many good games next this year that it would be a little disrespectful to not give them some pre-release love.
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Michael’s Top 10 Games of 2012

Top 10
Last year, 2011, was a tough act to follow. Not only did we have oddball new IPs like Catherine, but we were also graced by titles like the bloody brilliant reboot of Mortal Kombat and the nigh-perfect Batman: Arkham City. It was a year that kept me regularly pleased with its quick releases. Such success almost damned 2012 to feeling inferior by comparison. To an extent, it sort of was, but the unpredictability of my favorite games was the true standout. If someone had traveled through time and showed me my top list of 2012, I’d probably laugh and call them a liar. Well, at least in my head because I’m not a dick. Little did I know that 2012 would have some fantastic surprises.
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Eric’s Top 5 Games of 2012

banner It’s that time of year everybody! You know, that time when we crank up the heater, regret all those Christmas cookies and wax how great and/or shitty a year it was. With that kind of reflection you just know that there will be all sorts of inane “Top X Whatever” lists. Well, I had a pretty good year and I’ve actually lost weight recently (seriously, my skinny jeans fit and everything!), but I will have to make a Top Games of 2012 list.

2012 was a pretty awesome year in gaming for me. Admittedly, for the first half of the year I pretty much just played with the abused dying prostitute known as  the PSP, but once spring came around all bets were off; it was a pretty back heavy year, so many of these are from the last few months. Without further ado, here is my top five games of 2012. Why only five? Because I have rigorous standards, and not just any game gets on my list! That and I mooch most of my new games from Kevin and Michael, so I didn’t play a whole lot of new games until a few months ago.
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Reflecting on 2012

Gaming had quite a busy year in 2012. Besides the excellent lineup of games, there were a few moments that ultimately defined the year for me and probably a lot of others out there. Rather than dissecting my favorite news story in a sort of list that would feel more organized, I’d rather have a sequence of these definitive moments laid out and thoroughly explained. Because no one likes half-assed work, right?
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Treating the Customer with Respect

To knock out some spare time and to help in my pursuit of procrastination, I popped in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for a few quick matches. I usually go back to a fighting game frequently enough to shake off any permanent rust, but something special happened on this occasion: I got some free stuff. A lot of free stuff actually. Not just a costume or a hat for Panda (although let’s face it, that would be rad), but a slew of seven actual characters, a gigantic pack of costumes, and a stage dedicated to Snoop Dogg (I’m not calling him by his new sellout persona). I never asked for this, but it dawned on me: Namco Bandai maybe doesn’t see me as a cheap whore, one they can push on the street corner in order to milk a few dimes out of. I feel like a respected consumer to them.
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The Vertical Slice Confusion and How Being Different is a Good Selling Point

“…But that’s not what our game is actually like when you get to play it” is one of the most infuriating things a developer can say about their game after it is shown at a press event. With the stealth and horror genre being bastardized by not being “sellable,” each has tried to go down a heavily traveled action path to become something more attractive to a wider audience. It’s the same every time. We see a game that had a stake in its genre, the demo gets shown and features more explosions, the fans get understandably and predictably pissed, and then the developer cowers down and tries to douse the flames. It’s a cycle that should stop, especially if the industry knows what is good for itself.
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