The Steam Summer Sale Guide


Summer is a beautiful time. Birds are flying through the air. Bees are scaring the crap out of children and me. The heat gets so intense even as a man you have to pull out the old Daisy Dukes and wear them to the mall. It’s great. But your computer doesn’t want to get forgotten in all of this, so it asks Steam to keep you in. Steam agrees and puts everything on sale for a ridiculously cheap price.

We all love the yearly Summer Steam Sale, but before heading into it, you must remember one thing: Don’t lose control. I have decided to make a nifty guide for you to really save this summer on Steam.

Step One: Have a Budget


You might not realize it now, but those twenty little $3 games you buy add up fast, so be sure to have a budget. Last year, I spent over $200 during the sale. Sure, I got a lot of cheap games, but I didn’t get to play them all. Some of those games are even cheaper on this years sale.

Know how much you want to spend, and stick to it. Spending over your original budget will result in a very low bank account. Sure, you’ll have games, but how will you feed your [ENTER BREED HERE] dog Sparky?

Step Two: Know Which Games You Want


You’ll look at the front of the store and get overwhelmed. Don’t panic. Yes, there are so many games on sale that you can barely believe it. Does it mean you have to buy all the games? No!

You have a budget, now look at the prices for games you want to buy. Do they all fit within the budget? Remember to give some wiggle room. If it is not a daily deal or a flash sale, you can expect the game to lower in price before the sale is up. Now that you have your list, wait, and buy when it is the cheapest.

Step Three: Make Sure To… Wait Is That Really On Sale?

PokerNight 2 SteamI cannot believe it! Are you seeing this? Ha, I mean… Poker Night 2 is only $2.50! That game came out only a few months ago!

And… and look! Fallout: New Vegas is only $5.00 with all of its DLC! I have got to grab it. No, I need to grab it. Oh, and I forgot about that game! I also want that. Who cares if I’m about $76.68 over budget… I MUST HAVE ALL THESE GAMES!

Step Four: Realize This Doesn’t Work and You’ll Buy Whatever You Want

Just like last year.

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