Platinum Hunt: Gravity Rush

gravity rush platinum hunt

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended guide:

Platinum trophies, in the best situations, allow replay value in games that don’t otherwise have it. When I had finally gotten the last trophy in Gravity Rush, I noticed that it fell into that category. There just wasn’t much to actually do. Had it not been for a relatively easy list, Gravity Rush‘s skimpy content and lack of extra modes would have made this journey even more brief than initially expected.

Gravity Rush‘s set of rewards is pretty standard. Simply beating the game will net you a great chunk of the digital goods. The most demanding (or tedious) of the list is getting a gold medal on each of the optional challenges. Scattered throughout each part of town, these score-chasing races usually revolve around hitting some certain threshold while using Kat’s unique array of gravity-shifting powers. Once you have maxed out each of her skills, these become far more forgiving. Although it isn’t as fun backloading all of the extra content since it unevenly paces the rate at which you undertake challenges.

All of them look like little comic books.

All of them look like little comic books.

Finding all of the secret bosses isn’t too arduous of a task, but there is one fight in particular that made me want to angrily toss my Vita at the wall. This fight basically boils down the game strictly to its bullshit and then proceeds to base an entire enemy around it.

That looks familiar...

That looks familiar…

However that is the only challenging part, if not solely based on bullshit. Pure determination and some skill is required to complete the entire game and subsequently the trophy list. Gravity Rush might not be the most involving game to play and also may be a little light on content, but getting the Platinum trophy at least alleviates one of those problems, even if it exemplifies the other.

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